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Current Projects

We are always working on projects at both Whispering Acres Farm Animal Sanctuary as well as Fox tale Sanctuary.  Check back often to see the progress we are making. 

Pasture of Peace


Animals all have special needs and living conditions that need to be accounted for.  We will not take in an animal that we do not have adequate space or circumstances for.  In order to take in any more animals at Whispering Acres, we need to expand our pasture area. We are in the fundraising stage for the new pasture.


The new pasture will be a fenced in shaded 2 acres with lots of hills and valleys to romp around on, a pond will be dug in the pasture for our animals that love to swim.  There is also a wonderful stream that runs through it.  The area will be handicap accessible so everyone can visit comfortably. 

Estimate for Fence materials and 1 shed


Second Estimate for fence materials


As you can see, these projects are quite costly to just purchase the materials.
Please consider donating to our cause. 

Every dollar helps!

Please click here to donate.

You can also sponsor an Animal through Whispering Acres.

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