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Baa Baa Blind Sheep


Henry Buffoonery

Henry... Henry the hoodlum!

What can I say about Henry?  There is not a moment in time that Henry is not getting into something.  Hands down, his is the MOST mischievous goat I have EVER seen.   But, that is the reason I love him so much.  He makes me laugh every moment of every day.   

My husband and I went to the Medina county fair to look around and I was in serious need of a caramel apple.  In my defense, I was left unsupervised.  I went into the goat barn and there he was.  Henry was at the fair with a TON of other goats and he was going to be auctioned off.  

I could not pull myself away from his stall.  It was love at first sight.  He was the sweetest boy.  And then, the kids that raised him swooped in and well, that sealed the deal... These kids were the most amazing kids ever and I there was NO doubt that they truly loved Henry and did not want to see him go to auction.   So I opened my mouth and out fell the words "How much, I'll take him."  Before I could stop myself, all of the words flew out and there I was reaching in my purse to pay form him while my husband walked in and witnessed the deal going down.  Again, in my defense, I was left unsupervised.   Henry was loaded up in the back of a 1974 VW bus and was driven home to meet all of his new friends. 

He has been a constant source of amusement with his shenanigan's, Tom Foolery and buffooneries'!

Favorite Foods


  • Romaine Lettuce

  • Cantaloup

  • Pumpkins

  • Watermelon

  • Cabbage

  • Cookies

  • Corn Chips

  • Whole Bananas with the skins

  • Blueberries

  • Strawberries

  • Graham crackers

  • Animal crackers

  • Banana Chips

  • Whatever I am eating or drinking

  • Everyone else's food


Favorite Pastimes

  • Napping in the sun

  • Giving kisses

  • Eating my hair

  • Eating my cloths

  • Jumping on things

  • Jumping off things

  • Making me yell "HENNNNNNRRRRYYYYYYY"

  • Cuddling

  • Knocking down hay bales

  • Posing for pictures

  • Making new friends

  • Getting on the naughty list daily!

Cost to care for me monthly

  • Goat feed and
    Goat Granola                    $40.00

  • Hay                                   $30.00

  • Medical costs*                  $50.00

  • Fresh Fruit and
    Vegetables snacks           $100.00

  • Bedding/Shelter              $20.00

You can Sponsor


Animal Sponsorships are an affordable way to help us cover the costs for each rescued animal’s feed, shelter, and care.

They make great gifts. Give the gift of compassion, one that lasts all year and allows a farm animal in need to live his or her life in peace and comfort.

You or your chosen recipient will receive a certificate with your (or your gift recipient’s) name on it, a beautiful photo, and the story of your sponsored animal.  And, for all those that commit to a yearly sponsorship, you will receive an invite to a summer BBQ with other "adoptive patents" to spend the afternoon at the sanctuary with your sponsored animal and their friends. 


Animal sponsorships are an affordable way to support the well-being of our animals every month by helping us cover the costs of our animals' food, shelter, and daily care.


Animal sponsorships also make great gifts! Give the gift of compassion to a loved one while helping a rescued farm animal live the rest of their life in peace and happiness.

To sponsor Baa, please click one of the links below. 


* Medical costs include:  Parasite treatments, parasite testing, CDT vaccines, Vitamins and supplements. ammonium chloride to avoid urinary stones (common in male goats).

Breed: Lamancha

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