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Meet our latest rescue. 

We received a call from a farm in Kentucky that had this Simmental calf born on their property. Unfortunately, he was unable to stand and nurse from mom.  Unable to care for him. they asked if we could take him in to give him a chance at life.  Of course we said yes!

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His Story

This little man was born on the morning of August 8, 2023 in Sanders, Kentucky which is about 5 hours south of our Sanctuary.   The wonderful individuals at the farm knew that they would not be able to provide him with the love and care that he needed.  Right after hanging up the phone, transporting was arranged and he was brought up to us in the back seat of a pick up truck. 

Upon arrival, it was clear that there was a lot of work in front of us.  

It appears that he was too large in utero which caused his ligaments to be too tight in his back legs.

After mixing him up a bottle of nice warm calf milk replacer, we got to working on his back legs.  He has been receiving extensive physical therapy since he has arrived here.  He has a routine of leg stretches, massages by hand and with a massage gun, walks to stretch out his legs and teaching him to balance.  He is also on a diet rich in vitamins and minerals to hep support his growing body. 

He has a long road ahead of him, but with a lot of love, patience and dedication, our hope is that he will be just fine in a couple months. 


If you would like to sponsor him or participate in his upcoming baby shower, please click the links below for more information. 


Once again, thank you for all of your support.  We could not do what we do everyday without the lifesaving support of our donors. 

If you are interested, he has a wish list on Amazon that can be found by clicking here

And, our wonderful friends at Centerra country store located at 6701 Wooster Pike Road in Medina has all of his favorites in stock.  The even helped him put together a wish list when he visited there today!


Just give them a call and let them know it is for Whispering Acres. 1-330-721-0852



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