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Goats Galore

In April, we assisted the Friendship Animal Protective League in the rescue of 24 goats and 15 chickens.  All of which required extensive veterinary care. 

Dandelion Fields

The Rescue

On April 9th, 2024, Whispering Acres Farm Animal Sanctuary received an urgent call from Friendship APL to assist in rescuing farm animals. What awaited us on the property was heartbreaking and beyond our expectations. The goats were crammed into filthy, dark dog kennels, sheds, and some roamed freely in severely overcrowded and deplorable conditions.

Acting quickly, we rallied volunteers, hitched trailers, and embarked on a rescue mission. That day, Whispering Acres took in 24 goats and numerous chickens, many of whom were pregnant. These animals suffered from parasitic infestations and severe nutritional deficiencies. Some goats were so sick that their bones were visible and they had almost no hair left on their bodies.

Our veterinarian promptly addressed their urgent health needs, which were extensive. Since their arrival, these animals have received plentiful food, affection, and ongoing veterinary care. Initially fearful of humans due to limited prior interaction, they have now blossomed under our care and eagerly enjoy human companionship.

After spending 45 days in quarantine, they were introduced to our other farm residents and seamlessly integrated into the herd. Through a court order or owner surrender, the goats have been entrusted to our sanctuary and are now eligible for adoption. We seek experienced goat owners interested in providing these resilient animals with loving forever homes.

If you are interested in adopting one of these remarkable goats or any other adoptable animals at our sanctuary, please contact us. Together, we can give them the safe, caring environment they deserve


Once again, thank you for all of your support.  We could not do what we do everyday without the lifesaving support of our donors. 

If you are interested, he has a wish list on Amazon that can be found by clicking here

And, our wonderful friends at Centerra country store located at 6701 Wooster Pike Road in Medina has all of his favorites in stock.  The even helped him put together a wish list when he visited there today!


Just give them a call and let them know it is for Whispering Acres.

Centerra store, Medina




Some photos from the rescue mission

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