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As a young child I vividly remember thinking that when I grow up, I will have a huge place full of animals.  And, I will show the world just how beautiful they all are.  I would heal all of their hurts and they would heal mine.  And, anyone that was lonely or broken could come be with us and be healed as well. 


Goats and chickens and sheep and turkeys and pigs.... Oh, my!

I dreamed of helping each animal that was in need.  I would not step on a bug, and often times came home to my parents house with a stray dog or cat that just so happened to find me and follow me home.  Luckily, I had parents that also loved animals.  

 My dreams were always big as the sky.  But, saving animals would not make a practical living.  So, I went to college and became a nurse and worked to save people as well.  I am blessed to be able to work with both humans and animals.

I definitely did not grow up on a farm.  So, there was no logical reason for me to have all of this... other than I am stubborn and I refuse to take no for an answer.

Then, one day out of no where,  those dreams started to materialize. 

It started with some chickens in need and then it just blossomed from there into goats, sheep, pigs, turkeys, ducks, and geese....

Stopping this is not an option, this is what I live for.  It would be like me telling someone to stop eating and drinking water.  This feeds me more deeply than anything else in the world. 

Our aim, at Whispering Acres Farm Animal Sanctuary, is to provide the best life for the rest of the animals' life.   Unfortunately, farm animals are the most abused and neglected animals of any animal.  I often sit outside watching all the now healthy and healing animals and know that this is it... this is my haven.  I had healed all of these beautiful being and now they are healing me and others daily. 

At Whispering Acres, we actively promote a world where people and animals coexist in an ethical and sustainable ecosystem.

We are a reputable Animal Rescue Service bringing together a community that wants to build awareness and promote effective initiatives that protect animals and ensure their welfare.

At Whispering Acres Farm Animal Sanctuary we not only rescue and rehabilitate animals from suffering, but also work to protect their natural habitats and educate the public on the proper care of farm animals

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Animals are my heart and my soul.  I have always had a very strong attachment and bond with animals.  They have saved me on so many occasions I am not quite sure who has rescued whom...

They all have a name
They all have a story

They all have a past

And now, they all have a future. 

What started out as just a dream is now a reality.   Whispering Acres Farm Animal Sanctuary grew out of Janine Smalley's lifelong passion for rescuing neglected and abused animals.  WAFAS' humble beginnings of a small chicken coop and a shed have grown in the recent months and continues to grow rapidly.   Our facility currently houses over 100 farm animal rescues that include goats, sheep, chickens, turkeys, pigs, guinea fowl, ducks, geese and chickens.  Come meet our residents, hear their stories of struggle and survival and experience the pasture of peace here at Whispering Acres. 

We have chosen to work with farm animals as they are amongst the most abused creatures on earth. 

Articles of Incorporation can be viewed here

"Until one has loved an animal, a part of ones soul remains unawakened"

And in his eyes, I felt a love like no other.  He could not say the words, but the gentleness of his soul said it all. 

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