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Baa Baa Blind Sheep


Stanley and Walter

Stanley and Walter are inseparable.  If you have ever visited the sanctuary, I am sure that you have had the opportunity to be followed around by Stanley and Walter.  They love their humans and are the nosiest creatures I have ever seen. They do not know what personal space is.  Or they do and just don't give a darn. 

Stanley and Walter had a great life.  They were a 4H project and once that was over they came here to live out the rest of their life.  

Favorite Foods

Favorite Pastimes 

  • Romaine Lettuce

  • Cantaloupe

  • Watermelon

  • Cabbage

  • Corn

  • Chicken Scratch

  • Blueberries

  • Strawberries

  • Pumpkins and Squash

  • Napping in the sun

  • Eating bugs

  • Following people everywhere

  • Perching where they are not supposed to be perching. 


Cost to care for us monthly

Turkey feed/Scratch         $40.00

Fresh Fruit and
Vegetables                        $50.00

You can Sponsor
Stanley and Walter

Animal Sponsorships are an affordable way to help us cover the costs for each rescued animal’s feed, shelter, and care.

They make great gifts. Give the gift of compassion, one that lasts all year and allows a farm animal in need to live his or her life in peace and comfort.

You or your chosen recipient will receive a certificate with your (or your gift recipient’s) name on it, a beautiful photo, and the story of your sponsored animal.  And, for all those that commit to a yearly sponsorship, you will receive an invite to a summer BBQ with other "adoptive patents" to spend the afternoon at the sanctuary with your sponsored animal and their friends. 


Animal sponsorships are an affordable way to support the well-being of our animals every month by helping us cover the costs of our animals' food, shelter, and daily care.


Animal sponsorships also make great gifts! Give the gift of compassion to a loved one while helping a rescued farm animal live the rest of their life in peace and happiness.

To sponsor us, please click one of the buttons below. 

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