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Baa Baa Blind Sheep


Annie and Willett

Annie and Willet G. are brother and sister.  Their poor mom had 4 kids and she could not handle that many so they were rejected.  Annie and Willie G. came here at only a few days old.  Initially, they were bottle fed every 3-4 hours around the clock which progressed to twice a day by 12 weeks.   Annie is happy just laying in your lap and cuddling.  Mr. Willie G. thinks he is a super model and struts around the pasture like he is king.  Willie love head scratches and hugs.  All of the goats here have short hair except for Mr. Willie G., he has beautiful silky hair.  And of course, he is the one that HATES to be brushed.  What goat hates to be brushed?

Annie's personality and LOUD mouth makes her a favorite of many.  As soon as Annie sees me all you hear is her yelling MAAAAAAAA, MAAAAAAA.  From the first time she sees me in the morning, to when I am pulling in the driveway, she is waiting with a loud and loving MAAAAAAAAAAAAA!  Of course, she immediately gets love and kisses and scratches. 

Henry willie and annie.jpg

You can Sponsor
Annie and Willie G. 

Animal Sponsorships are an affordable way to help us cover the costs for each rescued animal’s feed, shelter, and care.

Whispering Acres Adopt a Farm Animal program is a community of compassionate supporters whose monthly or annual commitment provides the necessary support to care for a rescued farm animal and continue our lifesaving rescue, education, and advocacy work.

Keep scrolling to meet the “adoptable” Whispering Acres Farm Animal Sanctuary residents who would love to call you their sponsor. Each rescued animal is a survivor with a unique personality and story. Click on the animal to learn more and become their monthly sponsor!

As an Adopt a Farm Animal parent, you’ll receive a digital certificate (and an optional printed certificate) featuring your animal friend. 

Sponsoring a Whispering Acres Farm Animal Sanctuary resident for a friend or family member is a unique way to spread compassion and awareness with others. Just enter the shipping information for your gift recipient, and we’ll take care of the rest! Your gift recipient will receive the adoption certificate and Sanctuary subscription.

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