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Senor Andy Bandito

Updated: May 11, 2022

Andy Pandy came to us on March 20, 2022. Our lovely Andy was living at another rescue but he was just not fitting in.

Andy spent most of his life, (up until the last 5 months) tied up by his horns. Then one day, a super kind soul rescued him. Andy was so much bigger and stronger than the other animals there, they were all afraid of him. And, I must say, he is not the most graceful goat in the history of goats. Poor guy does not realize just how big he is.

So, I got a call to see if Andy could come live with us. After seeing him and hearing his story I immediately said Yes! Andy had to go through some treatment for parasites and arrangements were then made to get him to us. Andy pulled into our yard in the back of a U-haul van. When he was coming down the driveway, all I could see were his huge horns in the window. Then, the back door of the U-haul sprung open to revel the sweetest most beautiful goat ever. We took him by leash into the pasture to meet his new friends who quickly welcomed him.

Andy got a ton of yummy snacks and head scratches. He loves to give kisses but will sometime nip the end of your nose. He has an amazing personality and a love of life. I look forward to many fun days playing with Senor Andy.

As you can see in his pictures below, he has already moved into the barn and has a nice comfy bed in there.

Wait until you meet Andy, there is just so much to love about him.

Check out our "Support our Cause" Section to see some of the Wishlists and Sponsor Andy

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