Welcome to Your Forever Home, Blossom

Blossom is a 7 year old Donkey.

This poor girl had a very hard life up until she landed here on February 15, 2022.

She was severely neglected and abused by a previous owner that decided that they were done with her and dumped her off at an auction. Someone then purchased her from the auction and put her in a boarding stable and left her there and did not interact with her at all. The staff at the stables worked with her as much as they could. Then the call came, they were able to get Blossom girl released to us. As soon as I got word, we hooked the trailer up and took off to go get her. When we met her, she was scared and unapproachable shrieking and shivering at any type of attempted contact. We loaded her up and brought her home. As soon as she got her, we began the extensive process of working with her. The next day, we had an open house. I was going to keep her secluded in the barn as to not cause stress. but something told me to let her visit and if she became stressed I would put her back. Well, she visited with people and was an angel. She is still fearful upon approach so I just let her come to me in her time. She is an angel and we love her to pieces!

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