Meet Gomer the wandering goat.

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

Gomer... Oh Gomer... What can I say about this guy? Gomer was running around Ashland for about 2 weeks until he showed up on someone's porch on Pyle Road (hence the name Gomer).

Gomer had a harness on and was well taken care of. He was underweight and dehydrated but for the most part he looked pretty good. After removing his harness, I found large abscesses on his neck, he must have been attacked by a dog. We got those all cleaned out and the vet started him on antibiotics. Gomer was definitely a ladies man. When he came he was aggressive and would not leave the females alone. He didn't want anything to do with people and shied away from me.

Well, we found out that Gomer would sell his soul for a Lorna Doone. Once he found out that I was the giver of the snacks, we are now best friends. Gomer has since been neutered and has calmed down significantly and is a happy member of the barn yard crew.

Patsy and Gomer are best friends. Patsy just wants to give him lots of kisses.

Gomer is always getting into some sort of mischief! He is frequently on the naughty list.

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