Baa has crossed over the rainbow bridge tonight surrounded by those that loved her so very much. Thank you to Dr. Carl from Tri-county for coming out tonight and helping her pass over. Baa went peacefully. She was tired, she was ready for eternal rest. The last year with her was life changing. She brought so much love and light to so many. She will be missed and remembered for all of the love that she gave to everyone that she met.

She is in heaven taking care of Marla running around free of pain and with full sight. I love you Baa 🐑

I will never forget you. Run free my girl with the crooked smile, run free. I’ll see you on the other side running to you with open arms and animal crackers and twizzlers.

Thank you to all that came out tonight to give her kisses and love while she was passing.

If the love I had for you could keep you alive, you would have never left. I love you Baabaa

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