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Meet Baa Baa Blind Sheep

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

BaaBaa Blind sheep has stolen mine, along with countless others hearts. Baa was found on the side of the road after she escaped from where she was being kept. Baa could not stand up and she was covered in over 40 pounds of fleece. Baa's owners were eventually located and they signed her over to the Medina SPCA. Baa's original owners were no longer able to properly care for her. The informed us that Baa was born in August of 2006. Baa was completely blind when she arrived here due to excessive parasitic infections and winter blindness (where the fleece freezes to the corneas and scars the corneas.) She also has arthritis and had a very difficult time ambulating and even standing for extended periods of time. Baa got a good shave down by her friend Pam before coming here. The wonderful veterinarians at Wellington Veterinary hospital provided great care to her. I am happy to report that after getting her on a good diet, getting her parasite free and on medication for her eyes and arthritis, Baa is trotting around with all of her goat and pig friends on the farm. Baa has vision out of her left eye and has learned her way around. She is no longer tripping or walking in to things. All you have to do is call her and she will come running for a cookie or a piece of licorice. BaaBaa will need daily medication and a special diet every day for the remainder of her life (which I hope is a very long time)

When BaaBaa was found on the side of the road, she could not walk or even stand up. A friendly passerby with a wheelchair van was kind enough to stop and help her.

40 pounds of fleece was shaved off of her. At this point she could stand but was so uneasy due to not having her balance, she fell often and could not walk.

Baa Being brought home by Brianne Savage

Baa Baa is now happy here at Whispering Acres. She has lots of food, shelter and friends.

Baa is in her forever home

Broccoli is always a favorite

I love her so much. She has so far gained about 15 pounds and a ton of friends and supporters.

Baa and Gomer sharing lunch

Matthew loves his Baa

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