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Cold Weather Care

Care of Chickens in the Winter

For those that have chickens... I cannot stress this enough. DO NOT USE A HEAT LAMP in your coop or in your barn. Fires happen frequently in coops. Chickens can knock the lamp down and heat bulbs and bedding do not do well together.

Spoiling chickens with too much heat leaves them unprepared for the winter weather in the event the power goes out.

You can keep them warm by making sure your coop is draft free but with ventilation to help prevent moisture. Chickens put off a lot of moisture through their breathing.

Feed them before bedtime. By giving your chickens corn at bedtime, it keeps their metabolism running strong. A chickens internal temperature is about 106 degrees!

Keep your chickens hydrated.

Maintain proper roosting areas making certain that they are not metal and that they can crouch down and keep their feet covered by their bodies and Chickens will roost together and share body heat.

Vaseline can protect wattles and combs from frostbite. Apply it liberally.

Chickens are not fond of the snow. Cover that snow up with some straw or hay so they can walk around.

You do not need to keep chickens locked up in the cold weather. If they want to stay in, they will. Chickens are much hardier than you think.

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