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Baa Baa Blind Sheep

Baa had a pretty awful life.  And, at the age of 16 I think she has earned the right to be spoiled.  Baa gets 5 different kinds of nutrition a day.  

Baa's Menu looks something like this:

Breakfast:  Lamb and ewe pellets with sheep minerals

Lunch: Fruits and vegetables.  A whole banana with the peel! 

We hide her medication in it (shhhh, dont tell her).

Dinner: Lamb and ewe pellets, a cookie or two, some leafy greens and some blueberries.  She gets her eyedrops at dinner so she gets a nice snack after that. 

Snacks: Cheerios, romaine lettuce, cooked pumpkin or squash, green beans, sugarsnap peas, banana chips, wheat thins.

"You didn't care how I looked

or that I was old

You showed me I am not disposable 

and I am loved

You brought back the sparkle 

in my eyes and the shine in my fleece

You restored my spirit

And helped me walk again

You took a chance on me 

to see what I can become

You gave me a place to call home And more love than I have ever known."

  -Sent to me anonymously for Baa

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