An unlikely rescue is coming!

I received a very unusual call tonight. One that we have not gotten ever before. We will be taking in 3 very unique residents. While these are most definitely not farm animals, they needed help. They won’t be taking up residence in the pasture or the barn, they will be sharing my daughters room with her.

The owner reached out and was extremely honest and transparent about her situation. We immediately knew that we needed to help these creatures and help her be able to move forward into her new and better life! What many people do not realize is that animals frequently fall victim to domestic situations. And, owners will not leave bad situations until they know their animals will be out of harms way as well.

This is a very complex situation with a lot of moving pieces. We will be working with the authorities and her legal team this week and transporting them here once all of the necessary steps in the legal process fall into place. Do you want a clue? Head over to our Amazon wish list, there are some new items on there that will clue you in!

Please help with any supplies if you can. This is one species that, while I have a ton of experience with, we do not have any treats or toys for them.

These babies will be coming to their new life here and we want them to be as happy as they can possibly be.

Stay tuned for more updates as they become available.

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