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Patsy Swine: The pig from the projects

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

You never know what to expect when you run a farm animal sanctuary. I get a call from the animal warden saying that they picked up a pig that was living in an apartment and it needs to go to a farm because it cannot go in a dog pen at the shelter. My mouth was on autopilot. I opened it to speak and the words "Sure I will take her" just fell out. I tell my husband that this must be some time of medical condition and I can't be blamed for what comes out of my mouth. I don't think he is buying it, but I am going to stick to it.

Patsy was very well taken care of. She was in great medical shape, her hooves were trimmed and she was well socialized. It was obvious that her people loved her. But, a 150 pound pig cannot live in an apartment. It is not only the size but when I tell you she is loud when she wants food or attention, she is LOUD!

I called my daughter to tell her how excited I was that a pig was coming. And, as luck would have it, she was in Parma with her fiancé. So, I called the animal warden back and made arrangements for Sam to meet up with her. Knowing that they were in a truck, I figured they would put her in the back and bring her home. No, they put her in the BACKSEAT! I wish I could have seen this ride home. Patsy decided to sing the song of her people most of the 45 minute ride home and also decided that the arm rest would be a good snack. Did I mention that they had a truck and she could have went in the covered back end of it?

Well, after that fun trip, Patsy made it to her forever home. She immediately bonded with Duckie Duckerman (read her story). These two are inseparable. They sleep together, swim together and eat together. Patsy and Gomer the wandering goat have also become good friends. She wants to give Gomer lots of Piggy Kisses.

Patsy love pool time with her friends. And, when her little human friend, Wynter comes over to visit her she is always happy to paint with her and share some snacks. In the picture below where she is on my back, that is how she keeps her belly warm when she is chilly. She is a big baby and I love her to pieces.

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