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Goat Snacks

Bananas with the skins

Animal Crackers

Graham Crackers


Romaine Lettuce

Green Beans

Sugar Snap Peas






Corn Chips

Their main diet consists of a high quality hay and goat pellets. 

Goats love love love to eat and have snacks.  Regardless of what Henry and Gomer tell you, they can only have them in moderation. 


At our shelters, goats  are almost notoriously friendly. Like border collies and basset hounds, they wag their tails, respond to their names, and form strong bonds with peers and people.

As much as any farmed animal, goats display the ability to understand and respond to human communication using eye contact, gestures, and body language—traits they likely developed over thousands of years evolving alongside human populations. In the United States, although goats are not as commonly incarcerated and slaughtered as are other animals used for meat, dairy, and fibers, nearly half a million are kept for milk production, while worldwide millions more are needlessly processed into food and fabric.

Whispering Acres Farm Animal Sanctuary provides refuge to many different breeds of domestic goats, allowing them the freedom to graze fresh pasture and range across play structures designed for their enjoyment. Our visitors are regularly moved by the inquisitiveness and playfulness of these merry pranksters, who are always eager to greet guests in the hopes of receiving a scratch or a leafy snack.

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