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3 Simple Reasons Why the World Needs Farm Sanctuaries

1. To Teach Us About Animals and Ourselves

Farm sanctuaries are much more than homes for pigs, cows and chickens, they run wonderful programs that allow visitors to interact with animals and learn more about them. These animals are really quite fascinating when you get to learn more about them. For example, did you know chickens can recognize and distinguish the faces of over 100 different animals? Or that cows have an incredible spatial memory and pigs recognize their names and will come running when called?

Getting to learn about the other creatures we share this planet with is an incomparable experience. You might even find that there is an incredible amount of information you didn’t even know that you didn’t know about farmed animals in the process and feel compelled to learn more. Learning about pigs should be so much more than the basic fact that they “oink.” Who knows, you might even learn a little something about yourself while you’re at it!

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